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Need to Garage Your Boat or Caravan?

Protecting your valuable possessions is no laughing matter; you want a sturdy, durable and reliable structure.

At Wide Span Sheds we can custom design a strong and robust cover to offer protection to your boat, caravan, car or other prized possession. Our boat and caravan covers are custom designed to suit your specific requirements, this flexibility allows for just the right amount of cover whether you have one boat or one for each member of your family!

Our no-compromise steel building solutions are an affordable way to offer protection to your goods and their invaluable sentiment. Our covers are made using only high tensile steel that is 450 MPa or greater. Extra strengthening techniques ensure longevity and superior performance throughout our country’s varying environments.

Each building is designed in consideration of the site-specific criteria, as well as being certified by our engineer. This permits relevant loadings to be added for snow or earthquake regions.

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