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Garages With A Carport Or Awning

Are you looking for a garage option that combines security with accessibility? Do you want to be able to lock up your tools and equipment, without having to open and shut a door every time you arrive home in your car?

At Wide Span Sheds we have the perfect solution as our garages and carports are completely customisable – providing you with the best of both worlds. Our lock-up garage kits are able to have the portal frame extended off the gable end to provide for covered parking space. Alternatively, a lean-to extending off a side wall can create a carport with easy drive-in access.

Teamed with the lock-up garage section of the building, you achieve ample security for your tools, equipment, or perhaps that extra special car of yours with this mixed building design. The great thing about this design is you can extend a carport section off any sized garage, whether it be a single or quadruple garage!

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All designs are customisable
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