Shed Safe

Wide Span Sheds is proud to advise that our range of steel kit sheds has been certified and accredited as ShedSafe. ShedSafe is the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds, and the program reviews the engineering plans and calculations provided by the consulting engineer engaged by the shed supplier.

This thorough review considers the design principles for compliance with the Building Code of Australia. Whilst the ShedSafe accreditation program is yet to be officially rolled out in New Zealand, our pre-engineering uses the same principles of Wide Span Sheds in Australia so you can have peace of mind that your need shed will meet the national standards. 

Safety and Compliance

Safety is always the number one priority at Wide Span Sheds. We are a family-owned business and understand how important it is to ensure that your family is kept safe. As a result, years of research have been invested into ensuring that our steel building kits withstand the test of time and Australia's harsh climate and conditions. 

We provide strength in our pre-engineered range of designs through added structural integrity as standard. All Wide Span Sheds structures are supplied with extended purlin and girt overlaps, as well as our unique rafter-over column haunch system. Every structure is designed 'site-specific' taking into consideration factors such as wind region, shielding, importance level, terrain and topography, snow and earthquake loading. Each factor is assessed before designing and quoting your steel building. 

Why did ShedSafe Form?

With Australia's unpredictable weather conditions, the structural integrity of any building is critical. A number of recent severe tropical cyclones uncovered a large number of buildings that didn't adhere to industry standards, which required the Australian Steel Institute to take action.

The outcome was the formation of ShedSafe, an industry accreditation that provides customers with an assurance that the steel buildings they purchase do in fact adhere to the Building Codes of Australia.

Why Choose ShedSafe?

ShedSafe is managed by the Australian Steel Institute, Australia’s peak steel industry body. By choosing a ShedSafe accredited supplier you have the extra confidence that your building design will, in fact, have structural integrity and meet the BCA standards. The body also recommends that all sheds must be constructed by licensed professionals approved by the local regulatory authority. 


About Colorsteel and Zincalume

For over 40 years COLORSTEEL® has been making high-quality long-run steel from rich New Zealand iron sand. COLORSTEEL® undergoes intense, long-term exposure testing, to ensure maximum colour performance and durability, ensuring it looks its best for years to come.

ZINCALUME® coated steel has been formulated to give a significantly longer service life than a galvanised coating. This is of particular value in New Zealand where the prevailing winds carry corrosive salt-laden air many kilometres inland.

The ZINCALUME® steel coating combines the corrosion protection of aluminium with the sacrificial protection of zinc to create an alloy that's ideal for roofing and cladding in New Zealand's demanding environment.

Colorsteel Steel Warranty

COLORSTEEL stand behind their premium products by offering a warranty of up to 30 years* from the date of installation. This warranty protects against corrosion and perforation by weather in the natural elements, when used as roofing and wall sheeting for sheds and domestic garage applications located greater than one kilometre from a marine environment only.

To download more information visit the COLORSTEEL website.

Zincalume Steel Warranty

ZINCALUME® provide up to 15 years product warranty from the date of installation* and is recommended for moderate New Zealand environments. 

To download more information visit the NZ Steel website.

*Warranty terms and conditions apply. Warranties are not available for all products and applications. The duration and terms and conditions of available warranties vary according to product use and application.


Site Specific Engineering

Site-specific engineering is the process of ensuring that your building is designed to suit the exact location it is going to be built. At Wide Span Sheds our team will assess the design needs of your building including:

  • Wind Region
  • Surrounding Terrain
  • Topography

In considering the above in combination with the intended use of the building we establish the required wind speed for your building, to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Why is Site Specific Engineering Important to You?

A properly designed building gives you the peace of mind that your property and those you value, are safe and secure. At Wide Span Sheds we are designing for your backyard, not someone else’s. Importantly all our building designs are reviewed by our trained classification experts before your plans and council documents are released. The process ensures we supply the right building, for the right site, at the right price. This means:

  • Ease of Council approval/certification
  • Insurance compliance

Do all Suppliers Offer Site Specific Engineering? NO!

The shed market has always been unregulated and suppliers typically made assumptions about the site conditions or made it the customer’s responsibility to seek and confirm site classification. Best practice is Site Specific Engineering and Classification done by a trained expert. Wide Span Sheds are pioneers in developing the process and the thinking and are working closely with the leading industry bodies to mandate compliance on these important issues.

As part of the process of quoting our sales team will ask you to identify exactly where your shed will be built. If you are dealing with a shed company that is not asking the question “Where on your property is your shed going to be built?” ask them, “Why not?”

Our team has a great set of tools to make this process as seamless, speedy, and accurate as possible.

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