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Wide Span Sheds Southland

Shahn Bragg joined the network as a referral agent in early 2017, to complement his successful construction company Bragg Building and DesignThis partnership proved very effective and Shahn is now the Managing Director of Wide Span Southland. The combination of Wide Span Southland having a local branch and this being run by Shahn alongside Bragg building means we can assist you with your Wide Span Sheds building project from start to finish.

Southland's rich farmlands call for shelter and protection of business assets. We offer a wide range of rural steel shed designs, with the capabilities to adjust length, width, and span. Whether you need an open bay shed to protect hay or wide-open spans to get large machinery in and out, our design system can work with you. 

Not only do we offer rural and industrial designs, but we also design, manufacture, and construct residential buildings to suit your exact requirements. Each of our sheds is designed site-specific ensuring factors such as earthquake loading, topography, and shielding are taken into consideration. 

We utilise premium quality structural components manufactured from New Zealand Steel to provide you with world-class steel buildings. In conjunction with this, our team of experienced builders ensures quality craftsmanship from the ground up. We offer a tailored level of service to suit your requirements, from the supply of your steel building kit to complete build packages. 

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