WideSpan Rural Shed Ebony Sandstone Fourbay Workshop WideSpan Rural Shed Ebony Sandstone Fourbay Workshop v2

Fully customisable for all your favourite hobbies

When it comes to building a new garage you really should consider far more than just the number of cars you own.

If you are likely to need space to carry out work it’s a smart idea to incorporate a workshop into your steel garage design. This prior planning can prevent the need to build a second separate structure down the track.

For those who need more than just car space, a garage workshop from Wide Span Sheds is ideal. These multi-purpose sheds are an affordable way to ensure you have just the right amount of space, and they can be easily customised to suit your specific requirements.

Aside from car space, we can incorporate a lock-up workshop section that provides you with storage space for tools and equipment, as well as room to work. This can suit the home handyman or those that require a workshop for a business.

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All designs are customisable
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