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Robust and Customisable Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft protection is an absolute necessity for not only your bottom line but also your own welfare.

Wide Span Sheds’ range of steel aircraft hangars offers the ultimate protection from direct sunlight, damaging winds, rain, hail, snow, and wildlife.

Our design capabilities allow us to design aircraft hangars with lengths of 200 metres, heights up to 9.5 metres and clear spans up to 30 metres (achievable with our cold-form portal frame system), so you can rest assured you will have enough clearance for your light aircraft.

Our entire range of industrial buildings are produced using premium structural components manufactured using only high tensile steel that is 450MPa or greater. A variety of COLORSTEEL® colours are available, allowing you to design and create a hangar that fits in with surrounding buildings and industrial-zoned areas.

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All designs are customisable

Site Specific Buildings

Aircraft Hangars are all site-specific engineered, therefore they've been designed for your exact location and site. This process accesses:

  • Wind Region
  • Surrounding Terrain
  • Topography

In considering the above in combination with the intended use of the building we establish the required wind speed for your building, to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Not only does this process give you peace of mind knowing that your building is safe and secure, but also ensures we supply the right building for the right site for the right price. This means

  • Ease of Council approval/certification
  • Insurance compliance

ShedSafe Accredited

Safety is always the number one priority at Wide Span Sheds. Therefore, all our buildings are ShedSafe Accredited. ShedSafe is an independent industry body that conducts reviews of supplier engineering plans and calculations, to ensure they comply with building standards.

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